Cartoon Competition

In honor of WPFC 2020, a special cartoon competition was launched at the beginning of the year. Cartoonists from all over the world could submit cartoons about the main themes of the conference: press freedom and 'Journalism without Fear or Favour'. With overwhelming results: over 800 cartoons were submitted!

Keyvan Varesi - Iran
Image: ©Keyvan Varesi

Keyvan Varesi from Iran is the proud winner of the Cartoon Competition, organized by Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace. He was rewarded with a winner certificate by the Netherlands Embassy in Iran, on 11 November. His cartoon and many more can be seen at an exhibition in the Sound and Vision Museum starting December 8th in The Hague. If you are in The Hague, make sure to check it out! Otherwise, just register for WPFC and visit the cartoon exhibition digitally. And check out the cartooning wall at the Cartoon Movement website where cartoonists from all over the world can create live cartoons about topics and sessions that are addressed during WPFC. For more information, check out the Cartoon Movement website. And last but not least: congratulations Keyvan!