In managing this site, we use a web analytics program called Piwik to see which of its webpages are visited most, how users arrive at the website and what search terms they used in its search feature.

Web statistics

WPFC 2020 uses cookies for web statistics and research. We do this to gain an insight into how visitors use the website. This information will be used to improve the website, for instance by adding information or improving its user-friendliness.

These types of cookies do not affect your privacy. Therefore, they are exempt from the cookie provision in the Dutch Telecommunications Act. This is why WPFC 2020 does not ask permission for these types of cookies.


WPFC 2020 uses the open source web analysis package Piwik for analysis purposes. The collected data will not be used for other purposes than the improvement of our website. The table below shows the use of cookies:

Cookie: Purpose:
Cookie_pk_id Is a user new to the site or a repeat visitor?
Cookie _pk_ses Which pages were visited?
Cookie _pk_ref What site did the user come from?