09 December Webinar: A look at freedom of expression from inside and out.

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Co-hosted by the Netherlands Embassy in Central America

An independent press is fundamental in Central America, where young democracies are becoming more and more autocratic. Government information control throughout the region has been strengthened, even creating government press media that have become propaganda machines complicit in creating a narrative that criminalizes those who disagree or think differently.

Esfoto Webinar

In this context, EsFotoperiodismo constitutes a space for the defense of press freedom and the safety of those who exercise it. In honor of the World Press Freedom Conference 2020, Fundación Latitudes (founder of EsFotoperiodismo) in cooperation with the UNESCO San José office and the Netherlands Embassy in Central America, is organizing a webinar on December 9th showcasing photographs from journalists in the region and the stories behind the image they captured. Register now to hear from the protagonists themselves how difficult it is to practice journalism following the principles propagated during the World Press Freedom Conference 2020. To visit the online EsFotoperiodismo gallery, click here.