16 November Hackathon on Digital Humanities

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  • Location Dutch Embassy in Indonesia, online

The Dutch Embassy in Indonesia is holding a series of webinars and a hackathon to promote the pursue of the digital humanities in Indonesia. Digital humanities is a field of study that combines the discipline of humanities with the digital technology. With the adoption of Internet of Things in all walks of life, there is a need for the public to be able to access social information in accessible and user-friendly manner. This is where digital humanities play a role: it translates social data into a format that is digitally available and easy to access. This way, information can be more readily accessible and disseminated for public use, including for media and policy makers.

Hackathon on Digital Humanities

Hosted by the Association of Cyber Media in Indonesia (AMSI), the hackathon on digital humanities will start on 16 November 2020, and the winners will be announced on 10 December 2020 as a side event of the WPFC. This hackathon aims to look for fresh and innovative ideas for the future of citizen journalism, and encourage freedom of information in Indonesia through collaboration of civil society, media, and students in creating applicable tools to share humanities data in accessible and user friendly manner. The winners will be awarded with grants to develop their innovative idea into a workable digital tool.