#PressFreedom Contest

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press," Thomas Jefferson once said. But what does press freedom mean to you? Follow us on Instagram or Twitter and tell us what #PressFreedom means to you. Send us a 10-second video, photograph, or short story telling us what it means to you or how you’ve contributed to press freedom, through @UnescoNow. You'll get an exclusive chance to win a two-day online Investigative Journalism Masterclass: organized by the renowned RNTC Media Training Centre!

RNTC Masterclass

About the Masterclass
The Masterclass introduces key concepts and tools for journalists working in -and wanting to learn more about- investigative journalism. And thus strengthens your capacity to identify and research issues of governance, accountability, corruption and misuse of power and to structure powerful stories in fresh and engaging ways. At RNTC you will hone your skills as an investigative journalist in a story-based approach with proven success. World-renowned and award-winning investigative journalists are your trainers in this intensive course focusing on building and refining your own investigations.


1) Visit our Instagram or Twitter account and follow us
2) Send in your 10-second video message, photograph or short story about how you’ve contributed to #PressFreedom. Submit through DM: @UnescoNow

Terms and conditions
The competition runs from 2 November until 5 December 2020. A total of 20 winners will be selected in the period of 6 – 8 December 2020 among all eligible entries received. Read the terms and conditions of this competition.