24 November Esfotoperiodismo: 15th edition - photography festival

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  • Location Virtual event supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Central America

The Netherlands Embassy in Central America supports the 15th edition of Esfotoperiodismo: a photography festival that strengthens photojournalism and freedom of press by showcasing mostly unpublished works from the region that offer different perspectives on current affairs. Challenges and risks are common to journalists working in this region. This year however, practicing journalism has become increasingly dangerous, underlining the necessity of independent journalism platforms such as these to spark change.

Captura de Pantalla

In this year’s virtual event, the 100 best photographs are shown in the online gallery launched November 18th. These powerful images detail the situation in Central America, but beyond that, tell a larger story captured in a single moment. Based on these images and the stories they tell, parallel activities will be developed in the coming months to strengthen the safety of journalists and freedom of expression by generating debate and raising awareness on the challenges faced by journalists in this region.